Unravel 2 Is Available To Download And Play Today For PC, PS4 And Xbox One

EA has made a surprise announcement at their EA Play conference by now only confirming Unravel 2, but also releasing it at the exact same time. The game has already completed its development and it is now available to download and play from their respective store.

Unravel 2 is a co-op focused adventure that can be played with a friend or solo. There is a blue Yarny this time that will join the red Yarny on an adventure together.

Team up with Yarny in Unravel Two as you chase the spark of adventure. Form new bonds with friends in seamless local co-op, or create two Yarnys of your own and explore a blossoming world. Jump, slide, swing, and run faster than ever through beautiful natural landscapes and complex urban areas to solve challenging puzzles and watch your environment come to life.

Unravel 2 is available for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One. It is a part of the EA Origins program that has launched games like A Way out and Fe. The game

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