Unreal Engine 4 will carry a monthly subscription fee of $19

Unreal Engine 4 will carry a monthly subscription fee of $19

During the highly anticipated Game Developers Conference (GDC), critically acclaimed video games developer Epic Games (known highly for its Gears of War titles) started addressing messages which were related to the future of its studio. The studio’s most prized possession; the Unreal Engine 4 will become available to anyone who is willing to pay $19 per month for the engine. The news was announced by Epic Games’ founder Tim Sweeney.

Sweeney also said that this approach will be start of something great and also the fact that people wanting to spend $19 for the subscription fee will be given complete access to the complete C++ code. Simply stated, subscribers who have availed the offer will be able to ship games on to multi platforms (PC, Mac, iOS and Android) with a payment of 5% of the gross revenue. That’s not all, a new and improved database of online forums, queries section, and tutorials will be presented to the disposal of the users.


Unreal Engine 4 subscriptions have already commenced. What the Engine offers is a myriad of features that users can take thorough advantage of. According to Sweeney, the ‘’Tool, and engine, can benefit absolutely everybody.”

The studio also demonstrated the flexibility as well as the graphical prowess of the Unreal Engine 4’s editor, which has several options to alter in game materials, which will include physical properties such as objects. These options will be present for users, who can alter them quickly, effectively while viewing them in real time cases. The Unreal Engine 4 will most definitely become the fore – runner in Epic Games’ long list of gaming blockbuster titles. The studio has also warned users that since the Unreal Engine 4 happens to be a nascent platform, it is not a refined engine, meaning there will be areas of concern which will be taken care of later by the Studio later in the future. However, in order to fully utilize the true potential of the Unreal Engine 4, users will have to possess a very powerful computer.

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