Upcoming Anniversary Patch Brings The Darkening of Tristram To Diablo III

As it was originally revealed back in November of last year at BlizzCon 2016, new information has been released regarding the Anniversary Patch 2.4.3 for Diablo 3, and it is set to arrive very very soon. Blizzard Entertainment has also released an accompanying trailer.

This new Anniversary Patch will be massive, bringing with it not only a number of Item Updates and Quality of Life Changes, but also adding the highly awaited Darkening of Tristram event to the game. It will also bring about a number of big fixes and tweaks to the game mechanics.

For those who may not be aware of what exactly the Darkening of Tristram is, it is an event that will be introduced in honor of the original Diablo hitting it’s 20th anniversary. Blizzard will release a remake of the first game inside of Diablo III, along with the sixteen level cathedral and the four main bosses from the original.

“An ancient evil stirs in the ruins of Old Tristram, and a mysterious portal has appeared that leads to the halls of an all-too familiar cathedral. Deep beneath the catacombs, the Dark Lord awaits any intrepid adventurer who dares to challenge him.”

As part of the experience, character movement will be locked to the basic eight directions and it will also feature the original soundtrack and a special graphics filter that will make the game look pixelated and grainy.

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The Darkening of Tristram and it’s accompanying Patch 2.4.3 are set to be released soon, and will be available for the month of January.

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