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Yesterday, we saw Niantic attend the Pokemon GO panel at the San Diego Comic Con. Niantic CEO, John Hanke, revealed new content, that the team over at Niantic has been working on, that is coming to Pokemon GO soon.

The biggest reveal of the panel was when Hanke introduced fans to their team leaders in Pokemon GO. The leaders of the three teams are Candela of Team Valor, Blanche of Team Mystic, and Spark of Team Instinct. This is not the only thing Hanke revealed, he also announced that Niantic is working on adding a Trading system to Pokemon GO. This will allow players to obtain region-specific Pokemon, such as Farfetch’d, Mr. Mime, and Kangaskhan, who only spawn in specific countries, as well as Pokemons that players have not caught yet. Kangaskhan is only found in Australia, Mr. Mime only spawns in Europe and Farfetch’d can only be located in South East Asia.

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Hanker also talked about adding Pokemon from other generations into Pokemon GO. The game currently features the original 150 Pokemon, but Niantic are working on adding more Pokemon to Pokemon GO. The developers are also thinking about adding a breeding and training system to Pokemon GO. The Breeding system will add a new way of obtaining Pokemon Eggs, for players to hatch. While the new training system will add a new way to increase your Pokemon’s CP stat. Currently, the only way players can increase their Pokemon’s CP is by catching another Pokemon of the same kind, and swapping them for seeds. These seeds, when consumed by your Pokemon, increase your Pokemon’s CP.

Hanke also shared the idea of custom PokeStop. These customizable PokeStop, as Hanke explained it, could be turned into a temporary Pokemon Center by using a specific item. He also suggested a type specific lure that would attract Pokemon of that type. For instance, a fire type lure would attract a fire type Pokemon. Players will even be able to alter what drops a trainer gets when scavenging a PokeStop.

Pokemon GO Breaks App Store Download Record

All of these new features will enhance the experience of players, and additions such as trading and training will help players Catch ‘Em All. What are your thoughts on the upcoming features coming to Pokemon GO? Let us know in the comment section below.

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