Upcoming GTA Online Update Allows Players To Form Motorcycle Clubs

Rockstar Games has just announced the latest update for the highly popular GTA Online, called Bikers, which will allow players to form their own Motorcycle Clubs.

The update allows up to eight players to form their own club, and introduces new roles from fresh Prospects to club Presidents, with brand new competitive and co-op gameplay The update also brings with it a number of new motorcycles, MC clubhouses, a custom biker mechanic and much more.



Also included are a selection of biker themed weapons, styles, tattoos and other customization features, including brand new game modes.

The update will also allow Clubs to partake in what is vaguely referred to as “seedy business ventures”, with the website post also telling players to “Keep an eye out for high-level, high-risk vehicle based business ventures to spring up across Los Santos and Blaine County soon.” Whether this refers to content that will arrive alongside the Bikers update or any future ones remains to be seen.

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Forming their own Motorcycle Clubs has been a highly requested feature for GTA Online for a very long time, with groups of players even starting an online petition with over eighteen thousand signatures. No official release date has been given for the Bikers update, with the official post just saying “Coming Soon.”

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