Upcoming Pokemon GO Update Helps Players Catch Rare Pokemon

The upcoming Pokemon GO update will be introducing a new capture bonus to the game. According to Niantic Labs, this capture bonus will allow players to catch rare Pokemon easily. When the new update drops, players who have earned medals during their quest to catch Pokemon, will gain a boost which will make catching Pokemon a lot easier.

Players are rewarded medals according to the Pokemon they catch. If they catch Pokemon of the same type multiple times, then they will be rewarded with a medal and they will have an easier time catching Pokemon of the same type. For instance, if a player has caught a ton of Fire-type Pokemon, then catching Fire-type Pokemon will be a lot easier for him/her.


This can help players catch rare Pokemon with ease, if they have caught multiple Pokemon of the same type before. Niantic Labs has not announced a release date for this update, however, they revealed that the update will be “coming soon”.

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Aside from the game itself, Nintendo recently released the Pokemon GO accessory called Pokemon GO Plus. The Pokemon GO Plus allows players to catch Pokemon without having to take their cell phone out. This is very convenient for players, as they do not have to keep their phones in their hands at all times. The Pokemon GO Plus was released in the UK on September 19th, and has since been released in several other countries.

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