Upcoming Rise of Iron Update Increases Light Level Cap For Weapons And Gear

Every Destiny player is gearing up for Rise of Iron’s Heroic mode Wrath of the Machine raid. The Heroic mode raid will drop October 18th at 10AM Pacific and will introduce brand new raid weapons and gear.

In the latest This Week at Bungie, Bungie’s Community Manager, DeeJ, shared some info regarding the upcoming update which will be introducing the Heroic mode Wrath of the Machine raid. DeeJ revealed that the upcoming update will be update 2.4.1 and will increase the light level cap for players. This means that players who have been struggling to increase their light level and want to reach light level 385, will now have an easier time doing so.


The light level cap is being increase to 400 from the current 385. Aside from the increase in light levels, the engrams in Destiny are also being effected by the update. Since the release of Rise of Iron, rare engrams rewarded players with gear and weapons of up to 340 light and legendary engrams rewarded players with gear and weapons of up to 365 light. However, after the release of the update, engrams will grant rewards with a higher light level.

After downloading the update, rare engrams will reward player with items of light level 365, while the legendary engrams will reward you with gear and weapons of light level 385. This is a good way for players who have had problems reaching the max light level. With this change, players can prepare for the heroic mode raid easily. The light level change also effects events such as Iron Banner, Trials of Osiris, and other light level specific events, as now they will also reward higher light level gear and weapons.

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According to Bungie, “Artifacts and Ghosts were dropping from fewer sources than intended and have been added as Archon’s Forge completion rewards.” This was a big issue for some players, as Ghosts and artifacts were something that hindered players from reaching the higher light levels.

These changes will help players prepare for the upcoming raid, as well as helping them increase their light level with less complications. Update 2.4.1 will drop October 18th at 10AM Pacific.

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