Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare leaks, hoverbikes and exosuits expected

After the announcement of the next Call of Duty game, the level of excitement keeps on increasing. Up till now, several details have come out including screenshots and a trailer. As reported earlier, the game has been titled Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare in which Kevin Spacey leads a PMC group in their escapade against the US government. Proof of Spacey’s involvement emerged when Activision posted a trailer which featured the actor on the Call of Duty YouTube Channel.


The screenshots surfacing don’t look that impressive as they are most likely a screen cast from the trailer. That might be the case but they do show significant information such as the utility of exo-suits which give the user superhuman powers of mobility, hoverbikes and cloaking technology.

Since the switch of the Call of Duty franchise to a 3 Year development cycle by Activision as Sledgehammer games was added to the cycle, this will be the first game since the big change. Previously, the 2 Year cycle was shared by Treyarch and Infinity Ward.

Activision has confirmed the game’s reveal to be on May 4th, Sunday. We will be keeping you posted on further details.

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