How to update your Xbox One the simplest way possible

How to update your Xbox One the simplest way possible

There might be a few advantages in purchasing Microsoft’s ‘next gen’ console, but at the same time, the owner will have to make some significant trade – offs when it comes to the Xbox One. One of these trade – offs happens to be keeping your console updated in order to keep it performing it optimum gaming levels. The last you want is to spend a considerable amount of savings on to a gaming box that does not even work properly. This tutorial will provide a step by step outline on how you can update your Xbox One the simplest way possible.

Some things Xbox One owners must be made aware of

Before we jump right in to our tutorial, there are a few things that you must be debriefed upon when you purchase your Xbox One. By default, your Xbox One console will automatically check for any kind of software that Microsoft has released in the form of an update. In fact, your console checks for updates once every 24 hours in order to see if your machine and peripherals are up to date.

The other thing that you should be made aware of is that if you have enabled your Xbox One’s ‘instant on’ mode, then your console will automatically be able to search for any updates released for the console and its respected peripherals. Now we can move on to our tutorial.

How to update your Xbox One the simplest way possible

Updating your Xbox One

  1. Using your Xbox One controller, press on the guide button. Additionally, you can also speak ‘Xbox, Go Home’ if you manage to have your Kinect 2 sensor module plugged into your Xbox One console.
  2. When you start navigating the home menu, select ‘My games & apps’. You can also choose to use your Kinect 2 sensor module and say ‘Xbox, go to My Games and Apps’.
  3. After following this step, use your controller to select the power option and after navigating through a list of settings present at the center of your screen, you will come across one option that should pique your interest.
  4. When you come across the power options, you will clearly be able to view the option ‘Power Mode’.
  5. If this option has any other option enabled except for ‘Instant On’ mode, then you will be required to change the power mode of this option otherwise the Xbox One console and peripherals cannot be updated.
  6. Set the power option to ‘Instant On’ mode and afterwards, the updates released by Microsoft will easily be detected by your console.
  7. After your Xbox One successfully downloads the updates, they will not be installed until you grant it permission to do so. After granting permission, the downloaded updates will be installed and assimilated with the installation files of your Xbox One console.

How to update your Xbox One the simplest way possible

Making changes to the power options

The one thing that will disappoint Xbox One owners severely is that they will not (until Microsoft changes this approach to its consoles) be able to search and download the update files manually. However, the good thing to know is that if their Xbox One console is connected to Xbox Live, then you will be happy to know that the console will automatically check for updates. As long as the power mode stays on the ‘Instant On’ mode, you should not experience any problems whatsoever.

Other things that should require your attention

There are a few things that you should be aware about when updates are concerned.

  1. Firstly, you will unable to transfer downloaded updates on to a flash drive or any other storage medium for that matter.
  2. Not choosing to download these updates will be detrimental for both your console and its peripherals. Your Kinect 2 sensor module might not function properly without the latest updates.
  3. If you have your console connected to your UPS, then it is a wise move on your part, especially if your area is prone to frequent power outages.

Simple enough? It should be. Following the instructions in chronological order, without deviating from any step whatsoever will guarantee you a free pass of having your Xbox One console updated without facing any difficulties. Do lend us some of your suggestions and let us know whether or not there are easier ways to update your Xbox One.

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