US PSN Atlus Sale: Grab Persona 4: Golden and Catherine on Discount

US PlayStation Store is offering sale on a select Atlus games this week. We had a Atlus Sale before but it was limtied to PSP or VITA titles only. You can grab either Persona 4: Golden or Catherine on sale this week.

Persona 4: Golden is the critically acclaimed and well known PlayStation VITA RPG. It is also widely labeled as VITA’s Killer App. We definitely recommend you to not miss this game on sale, for $20, it is dirt cheap. It provides hours of entertainment and is currently the highest rated game on meta critic with a score of 93. So why wait, grab it from the online store here.


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Catherine is Persona’s Team first proper game on current generation of consoles. It was released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The game was offered free to EU Subscribers earlier and now US users can get it on discount for ultra cheap $15. If you are a fan of puzzles and want a good thriller-ridden story, we definitely recommend you to purchase it and give it a try. Unfortunately, Atlus has said there won’t be any sequel to Catherine so this is the only game that we can enjoy for now. You can buy the game from the online store here.

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