US PSN: Grab Dragon’s Crown at a discounted price for PlayStation VITA and PlayStation 3

Dragon’s Crown is the latest Beat-em-up RPG from developer Vanillaware, which is published by Atlus. It seems like Dragon’s Crown is currently on sale this week at US PlayStation store. Both the PlayStation 3 version and the PlayStation VITA version are being offered for discounted prices this week.

Vanillaware is famous for making gorgeous breathtaking RPGs. Dragon’s Crown was released on 6 August, 2013 for both PlayStation VITA and PlayStation 3. It originally retailed and sold for $50 on PlayStation 3 and $40 on PlayStation VITA. It seems like that it is being offered on sale for $10 off.


If you are skeptical over getting this game, you can perhaps have a look at our Dragon’s Crown review here.

This game also offers online co-op multiplayer in case you wanna have some adventure with your friends. The PlayStation VITA version also had the option to use Touch-Screen for various in-game uses like picking up the loot/treasures. The game worked pretty well on the PlayStation VITA; the frame-rate might slow down a bit when there a lot of enemies on screen but it stays stable for the most part.

You can grab the PlayStation 3 version of Dragon’s Crown from here or the PlayStation VITA version from here.

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