Here’s how to use your flash drive’s capacity as RAM

Purchasing memory modules isn’t exactly the cheapest thing to do on earth when there is a huge disparity between supply and demand, forcing the RAM prices to skyrocket. However, if you have a flash drive stocked with you (in the modern day, equipping yourself with a flash drive is the smart thing to do since important files and documents happen to be part of tackling our work and life conundrums), then you can end up using the flash drive to increase the overall RAM of your computer.

Getting started

To start using your use flash drive as RAM, it is important that you possess a flash drive which has sufficient amount of memory. 4 GB is the minimum amount of space that you should have in your flash drive and just to be on the safer side, 8 GB is highly recommended.

Using your flash drive as RAM

Step 1. Insert your flash drive in to the USB port of your computer.

Step 2. Whatever files are present in your flash drive; you are going to have to remove them by placing the files in your other hard drive or by formatting the flash drive altogether.

Step 3. To be on the safer side, we recommend formatting your flash drive. Whatever settings the flash drive was previously formatted in; use the exact same settings to format the flash drive. Enable the quick format procedure as it is far quicker than using the regular method.

Step 4. After your flash drive has been successfully formatted, right click on the flash drive and from there, select its Properties.

Step 5. After selecting the properties option, you will be able to view the Readyboost Tab. After you click on it, you will have to wait for a few seconds as it analyzes your flash drive. Afterwards, you will be presented with 3 options. Select the one which says ‘use this drive’.

How to use your flash drive's capacity as RAM?

Step 6. Select the number of megabytes you want to be utilized from the flash drive to add to your existing RAM and after you are done selecting, click on Apply.

Step 7. After you click on Apply, you will be able to see the notification that ‘Readyboost is Configuring your Cache’. After the configuration process has been completed, reboot your computer and you will be able feel the difference. If you don’t see the existing RAM increased from before when you visit the properties of My Computer, then you don’t have to worry as the amount from your RAM has already been added to the existing RAM.

Here is an important TIP: Once you Start using ReadyBoost Feature, you will have to practice to Remove your flash drive safely before ejecting it in order to prevent going into further trouble.

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