User Gets Account Hacked On PSN And Gets Credit Card Abuse, Loses Everything As Sony Locks Account

PlayStation 4 has been launched nearly worldwide with more launches coming to the countries as the days progress. Seeing a very successful launch, both financially and commercially, PlayStation 4 has been hailed as the most powerful next-gen console, both in terms of demand and performance.

But everything has its flaws. Sony’s PSN service was under heavy fire and scrutiny when the network was compromised by hackers and it was classified as “external intrusion” when hackers got hold of all the credit card numbers and data from the network. This resulted in bad press for Sony as it tried hard to contain the breach and fix the issue as soon as possible as well as offering protection to the customers whose credit cards may have been compromised.

Today, a PSN user faced the same issue, that is, he woke up to unauthorized transactions from his PSN account which also had his credit card linked to it. The user, Spiritualized_80, today on PlayStation’s Official Support Forums, reported that he woke up to confirmation emails about his purchases of wallet points for Fifa. These transactions were made at 5am local time of the user at which he was asleep. Confirming that it wasn’t him who made these transactions and also that he has never ever shared his PSN account or the username/password for his account with anyone, it can only mean that he was the latest victim in PSN hacking.

Spiritualized_80 phoned customer support at Sony to discuss the issue and Sony replied with that they will be locking down his account completely. Which means that all his PSN purchases, friends list, trophies and more will be made invalid and he would have no access to his account anymore. Although we’re pretty sure that this lockdown of his account will be temporary until Sony finds the breach and confirms the hack and unauthorized use. Until then, the user cannot access its account.

Sony promised that its PSN service will only get better and more secured following the release of the PlayStation 4. Online multiplayer gaming is now behind a paywall, you need a PS+ subscription to play online multiplayer now and Sony stated that this decision will lead them to invest in more security and better performance. PSN service has been going under constant maintenance ever since the launch of the PlayStation 4. We hope that no loopholes or security flaws have been found by the hackers to compromise the network once again.

Till then we advise our readers to keep a sharp eye out on any activity that looks suspicious and to take precautions when using their credit card on PSN and linking to their account.

Stay tuned with us as we bring you more information as the story develops.



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