User Made Xbox One In-Game Menu Is Simplistically Brilliant

Xbox One is the eight-generation console by Microsoft and the successor to the most popular Xbox 360. Xbox One uses a Metro UI interface for its UI, which is similar to Windows 8 from Microsoft. Dubbed as the ‘better’ UI among the eight-generation consoles, it does not mean that there could be room for improvement and some enthusiastic designers out there constantly try to rethink and re-imagine things which could’ve been done differently by the manufacturer. The result? Some are beyond impressive that sometimes manufacturers take a hint or even get the people on board for the designing and some are…well, a little less good looking than the rest.

One enthusiastic reddit user, losgarcias, showed his own imagination of Xbox One’s in-game menu. The menu looks pretty similar to the one found on Xbox Smart Glass app but nevertheless looks pretty slick. You can check out the images for the menu below:

Microsoft’s very own Major Nelson saw one of the designs and complimented on it while forwarding them to the design team.

Check how this concept compares to the Xbox One’s in-game menu:

What are your thoughts about this concept? Can you see yourself using it if it becomes available somehow? Let us know in the comments below.

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