Valhalla Knights 3 to be released this week for PlayStation VITA; Fully Uncensored and Intact

Valhalla Knights 3 is finally going to be released on US PlayStation Store this week. The game will be available for purchase after tomorrow’s PlayStation store update. It will be available in Europe a week later on October 23rd. It seems like that we will be getting everything from Japanese version uncut.

It is the third game in the Valhalla Knights series and is being localized by XSeed Games for the West. It was released earlier this year in Japan. You can watch the launch trailer below.

What was so special in the Japanese version that could be deemed offensive for the West? The game has a Red Light district where we can talk with various venders and purchase items. But in the Red Light District, the vendors are all female. We can try to get new items from them. If we spend enough money, we can activate a “Sexy Time” technique, which will let us touch the vendors to find special “unique” items that in turn can improve our relationship with them. If we manage to do this enough time, we can get a quest, clearing it will allow us to take the vendor to a Hotel and do *things* to her. While there is nothing graphically shown here, it is still pretty clear on what we get to do through screen shaking and moaning dialogue.

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