Valkyria Chronicles 3 English Patch released by Fan Translation group

Valkyria Chronicles is one of the best game of the previous generation and one of my favorite JRPGs of all time. While the first Valkyria Chronicles title was released exclusively on the PS3, its two sequels were later released on the PSP.

Even though Valkyria Chronicles 1 and 2 were localized for Western release, Publishers SEGA left the third title in limbo. Luckily a group of fans have been working on translating Valkyria Chronicles 3 for quite some time now and guess what? The English patch is finally out!


The first playable Valkyria Chronicles 3 English Patch translates most of the game’s Extra Edition release, only a few side quests and areas are left but hopefully they’ll be translated in a future patch.

You can find all the instructions all with the patch on this post here, do note that you will need a PSP with CFW (Custom Firmware) installed. Apparently the patch works on the PS Vita too according to this posts here, which again requires CFW.

Make sure to thank the folk for the patch on their site! Time to dust off my PSP.

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