Valve Implements User Suggestion In 2 days

Most of the gaming studios simply treat user suggestions as rubbish and ignore them. Some have even said that if user suggestions were implemented into their games, the end result would be disastrous (Hint: Pokemon developer). But same is not the case with Valve. It has distinguished it self from the rest by staying true to its user base and implementing good suggestions into their games and software.

The most recent example of this is a suggestion made by a user on Reddit regarding Counter Strike: Global Offensive, being implemented within 2 days. The user ‘R-arcHoniC’ suggested that the weapons, grenades and remaining money should be displayed above the player heads during freeze time. A CSGO developer from Valve read the suggestion and even appreciated the user, stating that it’s a great idea. Not more than 2 days later,  an official game update was released, implementing the user suggestion and thanking the user officially on its blog, mentioning the user name.

Reddit Suggestion

Vavle Thanks The user

This gesture shows that Valve is continuously trying to engage and increase its user base. With Steam user workshop and community, lots of content is being developed for games by the users for the users. If that wasn’t enough, they even let their user decides which game they want to release via Steam, dedicating an entire section specifically for this reason, known as Greenlight. Other publishers should learn from Valve and follow in its footsteps, instead of abandoning their users, in my opinion.

I think this is an excellent move by Valve. What do you guys think? Should more companies follow in the the footsteps of Valve or not? Let us know in the comment section below.

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