Valve officially announces Steam OS

Valve has finally dropped the curtain on their first announcement and it has ended up to be a Steam OS. Steam OS seems to be step in the right direction for bringing Steam to the living room.

Steam OS sounds more like a OS designed to cater to gamers. When it comes to PC games, they require far more grunt then your average console game because of a lot more API overhead(DirectX) being the main culprit. With Steam OS, Valve is attempting to create a system which removes/reduces this overhead and also allows you to stream from your PC to the Steam machine. Valve claims that they have worked on reducing latency/lag that usually occurs in streaming and if their claims are indeed true, this could end up being a revolution in gaming and a potential competitor to next generation of consoles.

Valve has officially released their press release on Steam OS site, which can be read below

Steam is coming to a new operating system

As we’ve been working on bringing Steam to the living room, we’ve come to the conclusion that the
environment best suited to delivering value to customers is an operating system built around Steam itself.
SteamOS combines the rock-solid architecture of Linux with a gaming experience built for the big screen.
It will be available soon as a free stand-alone operating system for living room machines.

Living room & Steam
Finally, you don’t have to give up your favorite games, your online friends, and all the Steam features you love just to play on the big screen. SteamOS, running on any living room machine, will provide access to the best games and user-generated content available.
Fast forward

In SteamOS, we have achieved significant performance increases in graphics processing, and we’re now targeting audio performance and reductions in input latency at the operating system level. Game developers are already taking advantage of these gains as they target SteamOS for their new releases.
Cooperating system

Steam is not a one-way content broadcast channel, it’s a collaborative many-to-many entertainment platform, in which each participant is a multiplier of the experience for everyone else. With SteamOS, “openness” means that the hardware industry can iterate in the living room at a much faster pace than they’ve been able to. Content creators can connect directly to their customers. Users can alter or replace any part of the software or hardware they want. Gamers are empowered to join in the creation of the games they love. SteamOS will continue to evolve, but will remain an environment designed to foster these kinds of innovation.

The idea of Steam OS sounds interesting indeed. If done right, it can definitely strengthen Steam platform and PC gaming as a whole. Valve has still two announcements left up their sleeves. Let’s see what they announce after dropping this megaton news. Our guesses are SteamBox and a new game exclusive to SteamOS, probably Left 4 Dead 3. The next announcement is expected 48 hours after this current announcement.

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