Valve Sends Out Cease And Desist Order To Gambling Websites

Recently, there has been a lot of drama surrounding Valve and gambling websites. These websites allow Steam users to bet their in-game items on professional eSports matches, coin flips, etc. Users bet their items on these websites, and if they win, they receive items according to the odds of the bet.

These gambling websites have gained a lot of popularity recently, with popular Youtubers such as TheSyndicateProject and TmarTn, owning their own websites and making thousands of dollars through them. Valve has been a victim of several lawsuits, due to these websites.

Valve CSGO wild 1

A CS:GO player, Michael John McLeod, filed a lawsuit against Valve, claiming that they allow and support these websites to illegally gamble in-game items and earn profit from them. McLeod said that Valve sponsors these websites and allows millions of Americans to “link their individual Steam accounts to third- party websites”.

Today, Valve finally took action against these gambling websites by sending out a cease and desist order to all the gambling websites listed in the image below, taken from ValveTime on twitter:

Valve cease and desist order

The list includes CS:GO as well as DotA 2 gambling sites which are violating the SSA (Steam Subscriber Agreement). If you are a user of these websites, then you should claim your items immediately. Several other sites that are not listed in the image above, have also been warned and have been order to cease and desist.

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The cease and desist order gave the websites 10 days to shut down their operations. If the websites fail to comply, Valve will be forced to take extreme actions, and will terminate the accounts that are being used by these websites to trade items.

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