Valve’s European Half Life 3 trademark was fake all along

Half Life 3 is a game that we might never get. It seems like the earlier rumor of a trademark filling turned out to be fake as ValveTime have confirmed that the trademark has disappeared from Trademarks and Design Registration Office of the European Union (OHIM) website.

It was reported earlier this week on gaming site NeoGAF that Valve has filled for a trademark in Europe for Half Life 3. Later, it was revealed through Valve’s bug tracker leak that a select numbers of developers were apparently bug testing for “Half Life 3” project.

While the trademark filling alone wasn’t a good reason to expect a Half Life 3 reveal, the second leak somehow gave us hope that perhaps Valve is working on this long awaited sequel to Half Life 2: Episode 2 and will reveal it soon, to be launched alongside their Steam Machines.

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Why was this rumor recently started? It was all due to the three announcements of Valve. The first one was Valve’s own “Steam OS”, you can read all about Steam OS here. The second announcement was related to Steam Machines, Valve was collaborating with various partners to bring Steam OS based hardware to the retail market, read more here. The third and last announcement was Steam Controller, a controller that will work with the whole Steam Library and seems to be a new evolutionary take on traditional controllers, you can read about it here.

After these announcement, the internet suddenly exploded once the trademark fillings news broke and people started assuming it was related to Half Life 3, and believed due to the recent Valve announcements. Now that they are somehow confirmed to be fake(Trademark one), we can perhaps move and stop getting hyped for such teases until an official announcement surfaces. But the question is, will it ever do?

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