Video games and brain training

When video games started to become really popular after the internet boom in the late 1980s and early 1990s, they were mostly deemed a hobby for children. And while they came to be a cultural norm into the 2000s, they were still stereotyped with many negative connotations, especially from older generations, who saw them as a drain on the minds of those who played them. But things have changed over the years. New research has shown that video games can actually help to stimulate the brain in some very positive ways, changing the perception of the activity for people all around the world.

Want to get your brain working away through fun video games as well as more educational ones? Here are some of our recommendations.


Sudoku — both in its online and paper-based form — has become a much loved game for people from all age groups and is based on a classic game that’s been played for centuries. This number placement game relies on short-term memory, which is a great way to improve memory overall. In order to complete the puzzle, you need to follow trails of consequences and look ahead. The planning improves short-term memory and concentration. With so many different degrees of difficulty, Sudoku puzzles are available through apps, on your desktop or even in your local newspaper.


One of the most established mental fitness and brain programs on the market has to be Lumosity. With this app, you sign up for a free account and can play three games per day or alternatively, sign up to their subscription service to get more offerings. This is an app that’s backed by science; with several fun brain training, tests, and activities you’ll be entertained (and working out your mind) every day. For meditation and mindfulness (a different, but equally important type of brain training) there is Lumosity Mind.

Not only is it important to partake in brain training games but it is equally important to train your brain with meditation and a positive mindset.


You don’t often think of skill when you think about slots. But skill-based slots are becoming the game of the casino future, as research shows that younger generations are more interested in playing games that require skill, over the random winning model that you get with traditional slots. Online casinos like Wink Slots have seen the rise of people playing their skill-based slot games which requires players to select which wheels to hold and spin, helping to test the mind. It’s likely we’ll see more of these games being played into the future.


Crosswords aren’t always in video game format — but as more people are enjoying their entertainment on tablets and on mobile phones, they are definitely becoming one of the more popular video games that are good for your brain. They’re not just good for accessing verbal language but memory from so many different dimensions of knowledge. And more importantly, they’re so much fun to play! Definitely a classic of the genre.


Elevate is based on an app. With 35 plus different brain training games it’s one of the more educational video games on the market. Free with both iOS and Android, its games are centred on learning for reading, writing, math, and speaking and is also customisable depending on where you want your training to focus on. You can also track your progress through the app to see how your skills are improving in each area, making it a great little download for those who want to improve their brain skills.

Most video games that help stimulate the brain are available on mobile phones so they can be accessed at anytime.


One of the world’s largest collections of brain teasers, Braingle is a free website that provides more than 15,000 games, brain teasers and puzzles as well as an online community with optical illusions, trivia quizzes, codes and more, you also have the chance to create your own puzzles.

Happy Neuron

At Happy neuron, you can choose from five different areas that are critical for brain health including attention, language, executive functions, memory and visual / spatial. It’s a personalised experience that has your training suited to fit you, track your progress and more. These are games based on scientific research, so you know you’re getting the best out there. This site, like several others, must be played by using their monthly subscription and comes with a fee. There, however, an option for a free trial — which allows you to try out the game before you subscribe to it and see its benefits without paying.

But what about other video games?

Not all video games are specifically made for brain training. But what about the games that are made mostly for the fun and the entertainment experience they offer? Well, there’s many ways that these games are good for your brain too. Multiplayer games, especially online, are one great way to socialise and meet new people, sending some positive brain feels your way.

And other games, like Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, for example, offer relaxing and beautiful scenescapes that offer something close to mindfulness while playing them. This kind of escapism can help you get away from the everyday stresses and enter a different world. It’s important not to underestimate the important of having entertaining and enjoyable experiences and getting away from the stresses of the day to day. And with so many great video games out there for you to try out, you can find the one that suits you best and gets

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