Video Gaming: Entertainment or Hard Work?

Video gaming, for most people, is a “waste of time, resources, and valuable personal character.” Video games are a nightmare for most parents. But, in the recent past, video games have become a source of employment and the start of lucrative careers for many. However, video gaming is also a fun and entertaining activity for individuals to relax or grow personal skills. You can play slots for fun or get a free bonus no deposit casino UK in case of a win at your favourite online casino. Video games transport an individual into a new reality, help attain game targets or goals, and focus on the details while bringing on a new experience each time.

However, video games are also hard work as players have nowhere to escape from their realities. Players also need to be more patient, face defeat regularly and differentiate the gaming world from our realities. 

Entertainment  Hard Work 
  • Exposure to new realities and a new experience;
  • No escape from player reality; 
  • Keep working towards a target/ goal;
  • Exercise constant patience;
  • Keep our focus on the details.
  • Regular feats of defeat and failure. 

Exposure to New Realities and a New Experience

Video gaming provides a chance for individuals to explore new realities. These realities are a new experience that is not only relaxing but also entertaining. Players have to take up a specific role that’s new and different while exploring environments that are only possible via dreams. The new realities contain characters such as superheroes or monster-like creatures. The environments are inspiring and sometimes awe-like. In video games, anything is possible, and there are few limitations but extensive rewards. Game designers place all the power into the player’s hands to do as they wish. 

Video gaming is a different experience with each new game that you purchase. Playing the World of Warcraft entails a different environment, player skills, and strategic moves compared to playing Eve. The different skill sets are from an environment you would otherwise not contact within the real world. For instance, the World of Warcraft gamers are extroverts, agreeable, open, conscientious, and sometimes neurotic. However, Eve games players have coordination, negotiation, people management, resource distribution, and management skills. At the same time, these players understand the value of money, taxation, and any other business-associated skill. 

Keep Working Towards a Target/ Goal 

Mia Bennett, a Digital Entrepreneur, indicates that video gaming develops an individual’s ability to make decisions, anticipation, and scenario planning. She says that games aid individuals in learning how to learn, experiment, and thinking both critically and creatively. Based on these, players work on the video game plot looking to unravel its mystery and earn a reward with each step. Players undergo “Gamification,” where all the rules, game applications, strategies developed, and points earned are applicable in a different environment from the game. As a result, individuals are more engaged with their activities and ensure goal completion. 

In some instances, the games end with a final battle against the big and the bad. However, others go on for longer, with the only outcome being to “Level-Up.” A level up is a reward-like situation where the player in the video game can unlock the next stage or step or receive a gift in the form of weapons, protection from enemy players, equipment or gear, more endurance, among others. 

Keep Our Focus on the Details

Video gaming keeps its players interested, trying to outdo other players or the computer. The complexity of a game, for instance, a puzzle or Sudoku, makes video gaming fun. If you are more into free online slots, you should know that there are games where 100 free spins no deposit required, especially if playing with real money wagers. A win makes you feel victorious and reassures your smartness at beating a crossword puzzle, Sudoku, or the dealer in a casino. 

However, video gaming is what equips you with the knowledge of how to beat the game. Games provide a wide range of information, maps, and reality platforms that can entertain you while exploring. Mark Long, a radiotherapy physicist with the NHS in Surrey, credits his past video gaming activities with his knowledge.  He says that his father’s “Acron Electron” gave him exposure to computers, and since then, every upgrade he got enhanced his knowledge on how computers worked. “The repetitive mode for the video game until you pass a specific level is something I apply to date. In my line of work, I get to repeat the process, but each time doing something slightly different to improve the result,” he highlights confidently.  

No Escape from Player Reality 

An individual may log into a computer on a normal day and delve into video gaming to escape his current reality. It helps relieve stress and creates a winning chance, which is highly motivating. But what do you do when video gaming is your current reality? How do you liberate yourself from that environment or does it become the chain many are struggling to escape? It can be the source of your anxiety and depression. The longer the period an individual engages in video gaming, the more the actual reality changes. Your real responsibilities pile up, the bills go unpaid for a long period, and if you have a family, you end up ignoring them resulting in malnourished kids. To solve all these problems, one has to balance their daily responsibilities with a few hours of video gaming, which is complex but hard work. 

Exercise Constant Patience when Gaming, Especially with Regular Feats of Defeat and Failure 

Video gaming is not a continuous platform and it is Game Over after a while. If so, players have to exercise patience while waiting for the next series, up-to-date firmware, software with mandatory installation for improved systems and many more. Exercising patience can be difficult, especially if the previous games had many pitfalls for you as a player. Studies indicate that the more complex and challenging is a game, the more likely an individual gets to play it once more. If the game results in successive defeats and failure to advance, you are more likely to redo the game once you reach the next stage to ascertain your capabilities. 

Continuous Reality Checks 

Video gaming is a virtual reality where anything can happen. If immersed in the gaming world for a whole day and every week, it cannot be easy to differentiate reality from gaming reality. You cannot unload all the machinegun sound on the road while buying a snack or coffee or imagining a bomb amongst civilians at the city center. Players have to keep the online gaming world separate from their regular lives. Studies show that the emotional context can seep into the individual, which can have positive or negative impacts. 


It is difficult to conclude whether video gaming is hard work or entertainment. Players often relax when gaming, laugh, interact and ridicule each other while pursuing a target. However, the players also have to work as teams, complement each other’s abilities online, have the ability to differentiate reality from games, exercise patience and find new ways to release steam. Therefore, video gaming can have both entertaining and hard work elements engraved in it.

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