Viral Campaign Teased By Santa Monica Studios, Possibly For Their Next Game?

Sony’s Santa Monica Studios, widely known for their gruesome hack’n’slash series, God of War, today on their Instagram channel posted what appears to be a newspaper from the future. The most notable thing from that newspaper is perhaps the date mentioned of the publication which reads “March 12, 2237”. Other than that we can read about “sexy” Geroge Washington enslaving the future among other news. Could a new futuristic title be in works by Santa Monica Studios? Below you can see the image from their Instagram channel “sonysantamonica”:

Santa Monica Studios is currently working on an exclusive title for the PlayStation 4 along with Ready At Dawn, titled “The Order: 1886”. The Order: 1886, is set in an alternate history where an old order of knights keep the world safe from monsters. Could this be a hint that The Order: 1886 may contain time travel as well?

The Order: 1886 is set to be released in 2014 exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

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