The Voice Is Now Available For Download On Xbox 360

The world’s most popular singing competition, The Voice, has been turned in to a game. The show’s overwhelming popularity has led Activision to publish a game that lets people sing their hearts out. The game, also titled ‘The Voice’, is available for £39.99.

Players can change aspects of the game any way they like. It basically gives them a chance to recreate the whole show. Similar to the show, the game will let players sing in front of different coaches, who will argue with each other about which one of them gets to keep the player in his/her team.


One interesting part is that users can learn tips and techniques from the coaches to improve their singing abilities. Some of these techniques include, breathing, singing runs and harmonizing. Moreover, there are several different music videos starring some of the most talented artists, for instance, Bieber, Murs, Ronson and Queen.

The game can be played in Solo Mode, as well as Duet Mode. There is also a Party Mode which allows players to sing with up to 7 of their friends. If you think the game sounds interesting enough, get yourself a copy now.


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