Voucher Redemption Exploit Leads To A Recent Small PSN Ban Wave – Report

There might be a small number of accounts facing a PSN ban for exploiting a recent voucher redemption mechanism, as explained by PlayStation Support.

PSN Ban is usually the case of the user exploiting something that goes against the Terms of Service set by Sony PlayStation. It has happened in the past with names that are deemed obscene but often times it can be a violation of the rules enforced by Sony. Innocent bans do still happen, and anyone can be a victim, however, more often than not, the culprit just tries to present a story in order to save their face after getting banned and recovering their account.

In a recent PSN Ban wave, a couple of accounts faced the ban hammer which immediately led to an outcry from their owners over at places like Reddit and Twitter. It is possible to see their messages by looking up at search terms like “psn ban” or “playstation ban” to see how many tweets have been sent in this regard. Ask PlayStation support account can be seen replying to these tweets, and it was confirmed by them that it is related to the voucher redemption exploit.

If you get banned, you lose access to almost all digital purchases or DLC that you have bought on that account. It is a scary thought but the message by the support account is quite clear.

So what exactly is the cause of this ban and what is done in the name of this exploit? Apparently, there was a bug with the way PlayStation Store redeemed codes that let multiple people redeem credit to their account using the same digital code. Once it was found, despite a clear case of theft, it was exploited by some accounts leading to a ban.

Another theory is that when codes are given away on social media, there is the possibility that multiple users will redeem the same code leading to both of them getting the reward, but it can also lead to a ban. In this case, it is a pure innocent mistake though and the ban can be overturned hopefully.

Lastly, if you are facing an account ban, it is time to talk to Sony support but keep in mind that if you willingly exploited any such mechanism or ignored and did something against the ToS, then the account ban won’t be reversed.

Let us know if you have seen any such cases of PSN accounts getting banned in the comments below.

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