The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 3 – In Harm’s Way Review (PSV)

The Walking Dead is the critically acclaimed episodic series from Telltale Games. ‘In Harm’s Way’ is the third episode of Season 2, and focuses on the newly introduced villain called ‘Carver’, who is being voiced by Michael Madsen of Reservoir Dogs fame. He nails his voice acting role and makes for an interesting villain for this episode. This is also the most dramatic episode yet and focuses on developing the characters and their relationship with each other. It begins with the arrival of Clementine along with her group to the facility under the supervision of Carver. The whole episode is set in this facility and also introduces some new characters.

The relationship between Clementine and Kenny also grows stronger in this episode. Clementine’s constant struggle has not only changed her, but also transitioned her role from a scared little girl to one suitable for leading the group. This is one remarkable change for Clementine and certainly makes for an interesting lead character for this episode.


The episode begins a little slow and steadily builds its story leading into the ending, which is one of the best ending in The Walking Dead for season 2. The pace of the story is handled in a great way and despite not offering much in term of action, it still manages to stay interesting. This episode also introduces us to the characters from the 400 Days DLC that was released for Season 1. While it is not recommended to play the DLC first, it does help understand the characters that return, and it depends on our choice from the DLC, it does make the return of these characters far more interesting.

As it is the case with episodic games, The Walking Dead offers its users some thought provoking choices during this season. It is hard to talk about these choices without spoiling the moment leading up to them, nevertheless, they might make people replay the game again in order to see the way they alter the story. One of them particularly leads to a brutal end and depending on what the player chooses, they can choose to be a part of it or skip it.


Carver makes for an interesting villain who is brutal and doesn’t hesitate to resort to violence when needed. He rules his people with an iron fist and can kill anyone who stands in his way without second thoughts. We saw a glimpse of it in episode 2 but we get to know more about him in this episode. There is not much to be had in term of action but this episode does offer exploration and plenty of dialogue between characters.

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The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 3 – In Harm’s Way Review (PSV)


It is one of the best episode from The Walking Dead series, and definitely the best one from Season 2.


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