This War Of Mine Celebrates Its Second Birthday With An Anniversary Update

11 Bit Studios is celebrating the second anniversary of their hit game, This War of Mine, with the release of a free Anniversary Edition update. This Anniversary update will add a ton of new, free content to the game.

The Anniversary update includes three new locations, a new ending, additional civilians you can play as, and more achievements. This update is available to anyone who buys the game from here on or those who already have the original copy.


This War of Mine is a gripping survival simulation where you play as a group of civilians trying to sustain themselves in a war stricken area. You have lack of food and medicine added to the constant threat of being killed at any time. Make life and death decisions based on your instincts, and remember, survival is the only option.

This Anniversary update represents 11 Bit Studios way of thanking all the people involved in making this game a huge success. The dev has also made it very clear that this Anniversary Edition is “not separate DLC – just a standard update for the original game.” The trailer for the Anniversary update can be seen below:

This War of Mine is available for $19.99 on Steam.


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