The War Within Is Now Live For Warframe On PC

Following the trailer released late last month for Warframe’s latest update, The War Within, the new expansion is finally out on PC and brings a ton of content with it.

Available to all Players (Tenno) who have completed last year’s Second Dream and have unlocked the planet Sedna, The War Within adds a brand new Cinematic quest that has you assaulting The Queens’ Fortress. The expansion also adds new enemies such as the Kuva Guardians and the Kuva Jester.

A list of the new weapons and customization items can be found below:


ZARR – Unload a barrage of explosives or a huge shot of flak from this cannon’s enormous barrel.

TWIN ROGGA – These twin barrels of destruction are the signature pistols of the Kuva Guardians.

KESHEG – Slice through mobs of unruly enemies with this fierce halberd; the signature weapon of the Kuva Guardians.



KUVA ARMOR – This fearsome Armor is guaranteed to intimidate your foes.

KUVA BRAID – Symbolizing the corrupting power of the Grineer Queens.

KUVA CLOAK – Once worn by an elegant Elder Queen, before time and disease left her body mangled and disfigured.

KUVA CORD – Ripped from the blade of a fallen Kuva Guardian.

LANDING CRAFT KUVA SKINS – A Kuva themed Skin for your Landing Craft.

KUVA KAVAT ARMOR – This decorative Armor was forged for the Grineer Queens’ royal Kavats.

KUVA KUBROW ARMOR – Drahks are outfitted with this Armor for the Queens’ royal prisoner hunts.


Also added with the update was the new Bunkers Conclave Map to the game’s PVP mode Conclave.

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The War Within is live now on the PC, with a release for the Xbox One and the Playstation 4 to follow soon.

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