Warframe Update Version 1.83-1.84 Full Patch Notes (PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch)

Warframe update version 1.83-1.84 is available to download now for PS4 and Xbox One. Here are the full patch notes for this update.

Warframe has started its Operation: Scarlet Spear with a new patch. It is available to play starting today and should be available on all platforms. The download size is just under 1 GB according to the developers and this is apparently the first update to release with a work from home development cycle.

Get the complete Warframe update 1.83-1.84 patch notes below.

Warframe Update Version 1.83-1.84 Full Patch Notes (PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch)


  • The following additions that came with PC’s Update 27.2.0 are still in development for PS4 and will not be available in this update: 
    • HDR Preview: We are still looking into the tech support to potentially bring the HDR Preview option to PS4 Pro – stay tuned!
    • Deferred Rendering Preview: We are still looking into the tech support to potentially bring this option in the future! 
    • Audio dynamics processing to master output: The code to support this is currently not ready to go live on PS4 with this update! We are still working towards it for a future release. 

Controller Changes & Fixes:

  • Fixed inability to activate Railjack Abilities bound to the same button as ‘MOVE_UP’.
  • Fixed context actions sometimes not displaying the correct button callout to use them.
  • Fixed nonfunctional button callouts when upgrading avionics and attempting to filter the type. 
  • Fixed your Warframe spinning endlessly if exiting the Arsenal while previewing a weapon with a controller.
  • Fixed two Callouts for the same button, Sort and Distill, in the Arcane Manager Screen. 
  • Fixed Rank Up button not appearing outside of the Arcane Equip screen when opened via Foundry.

PS4 Specific Notes: 

  • Fixed the slider for the Field of View option showing “0.025” after using the right arrow icon past the 90 max. 
  • Fixed spending Platinum to unlock a new Appearance Config Slot for Kavats breaking Kavat appearances entirely as reported here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/ezqhf8/please_fix_my_cat/
  • Fixed Credit total in the End of Mission screen not taking into account Kuva Lich tax while Credit Booster is active. 
  • Fixed objective markers moving wildly in Plains of Eidolon and Fortuna missions depending on the player’s position while in Archwing. 
  • Fixed the UI sometimes showing the incorrect binding for Reviving. 


  • Further performance improvements towards Titania’s Lantern when cast on a large group of enemies. 
  • Improved cache optimization to clean up even more space in the download cache.
  • Improved world-state synchronization for Alerts, Sorties and other global events (there may have been up to a minute of desync).
  • Improved game synchronization in hostile network environments.
  • Optimized out a number small memory bloats in the type-dep database to reduce the risk of crashes due to relocation (player loadouts in relays, procedural levels, etc).
  • Optimized backdrop rendering performance in all levels.
  • Optimized the Attica’s embedded projectiles to help CPU and GPU performance.
  • Optimized the Hystrix projectile trail and spark FX. 
  • The Pox, Acceltra, and Shedu have been given explosion FX tweaks for visual and performance improvement.
  • Performance improvements towards Grineer Crewships when their engines explode.
  • Fixed Codex generation randomizing the block order of the Fragment entries (this should be deterministic to avoid updating several MB of resource for no reason).
  • Fixed a crash that could occur on slow internet connections if you quit the game while loading into a Relay. 
  • Fixed high GPU Effects time when shooting Profit Taker’s legs with the Imperator Vandal.
  • Fixed the game possibly having high memory usage if someone was spawning Spore Ephemera in the other room and the game wasn’t properly cleaning up due to the player being out of sight.

Railjack Changes & Fixes:

  • Added Battle and Tactical Avionic categories in the Avionics Upgrade screen.
  • Crewship boarding will be denied when the meltdown timer has 3 seconds remaining.
    • This is to avoid multiple issues with being put into a broken state due to the boarding cinematic competing with the Crewship exploding/attempting to teleport you out.
  • Removed the hanger door of the Grineer POI with the ‘Steal the Destroyer’ objective to resolve issues of the door not opening. When in doubt take it out!
  • Upon returning back to the Railjack after exiting through the Archwing Cannon, in this update you’ll be spawned at the back of the Railjack bridge instead of near the Forging Bay.
  • Enemies that you’re focused on while in a Turret in this update will display their Status Effect stacks.
  • Fixed Exo Skold Crewships in the Veil Proxima dropping Mk I Armaments. In this update they will drop MK III Armaments as intended.
  • Fixed the UI in the Super Weapon Platform not updating after the Radiator is destroyed for Clients.
  • Fixed inability to disengage bombs placed by Grineer Boarding Parties if a Host migration occurs during a Railjack mission.
  • Fixed incorrect Archwing movement animations if you exit the Railjack while Bullet Jumping (Moving left will play the forward animation, moving forward will play the moving right animation, etc).
  • Fixed a bug where the screenshake from a Grineer Crewship reactor meltdown would linger forever if it was active when the Crewship exploded.
  • Fixed Grineer fighters attacking the Derelict POI in Veil Proxima missions.
  • Fixed Vidar Reactors Mk III missing their component modifiers. 
  • Fixed Tactical Menu not displaying correct Battle Avionic values that have had their Grid Upgraded in the Dry Dock.
  • Fixed case of Crewships sometimes staying completely still.
  • Fixed seeing black boxes when in Turret AR mode.
  • Fixed Railjack fighters sometimes going out of level bounds while in combat.
  • Fixed the ‘Forge All’ button having no effect or sound. 
  • Fixed having to select the ‘Railjack Crew’ button twice when selecting it from Dojo Navigation.
  • Fixed Ramsleds trying to initiate a Boarding Party after the mission is complete.
  • Fixed Railjack name text lingering behind when joining another player’s squad and loading into their Dry Dock.
  • Fixed missing looping sounds for Ramsleds in the Saturn Proxima and Veil Proxima.
  • Fixed the Wreckage capacity limit pulse FX in the Railjack Configuration UI pulsing even when you aren’t reaching the limit.
  • Fixed Sentient Exterminate objective randomly starting on POI hints.
  • Fixed Vidar Reactors Mk III missing their component modifiers for Warframe clients that are not in English.
  • Fixed a case of not receiving your collected items (Avionics, Resources, etc) in Railjack missions until you head back to the Dry Dock.
  • Fixed the Orokin Derelict showing “Missile Platform” as the name when you aim at it in a Railjack mission.
  • Fixed script crash that could occur if you joined a Railjack mission at exactly the wrong moment.
  • Fixed a script error when entering a Crewship via Archwing Slingshot.
  • Fixed a script error when casting the Railjack Void Hole ability. 

The full patch notes are available to view from here.

Warframe is available now for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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