Wargroove on PS4 enters Sony’s Certification process, release date to be announced shortly

Wargroove, the popular turn-based strategy game by Chucklefish, is almost ready to be released on the PS4.

The game is already available on PC, Switch and Xbox One but due to certain factors hasn’t been released on the PS4 yet. Developers Chucklefish mentioned in a blog post on their website that the game has finally entered Sony’s Certification process, with a release date to be announced soon.

Chucklefish stated that Wargroove on the PS4 will have all features seen on other platforms other than crossplay:

The PS4 version took a little longer than anticipated for a number of reasons—some of which we can talk about about, such as some technical problems that had to be solved around how multiplayer and content sharing would work, and other elements we’re not allowed to talk about for NDA reasons!

We wanted to ensure as much parity as possible between all the different platform versions of Wargroove, so the PS4 version has the exact same content as all the other versions, aside from cross-platform multiplayer which unfortunately will not be supported. Players can however still download community-made map designs and content share between platforms, including PS4!

The news is certainly disappointed however it’s great to see the game finally getting a release on Sony’s console. I’ve been playing the game on and off for a while now and its a great homage to old strategy games like Advance Wars. So if you’re a fan of similar games then you should definitely check out Wargroove. We’ll keep you posted as we hear about the game’s release date.

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