Warriors Lair, AKA Ruin, has been cancelled

During E3 2011, Sony announced a game called Ruin which was to debut on the PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation Vita. The game was later re-titled to Warrior’s Lair. It was revealed that the game would be the first to contain cross play.

Sony has now announced that Warriors Lair has been cancelled and will not be released. According to Sony, those who pre-ordered the game should contact “their retailer directly to cancel their pre-sale.”


Rumors of the game’s cancellation had sprouted back in April, but Sony had denied them. The earliest rumor was back when the game’s original company, Iron Hands, stopped working on the project and handed it over to Sony San Diego.

The game did not attract much attention, but who knows what it could have been if it was released? Surprises are always present where we least expect them to be.

What are your thoughts on the cancellation of Warrior’s Lair? Sound off in the comments below.

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