Warriors Orochi 4’s Breast Physics only work at 30fps; bugged on PS4, PC and Xbox One

PS4 owners were going crazy today on Social Media as it seemed that Warriors Orochi 4 on the PS4 was being censored by removing the game’s Breast Physics. This was mainly due to Sony’s new policy that we’ve covered recently where they were censoring certain games.

The tweet below showcased Warriors Orochi 4’s Breast Physics working on the Nintendo Switch version of the game, but not on the PS4 version.

This led to fans concluding that the game was censored on the Sony platform, however that wasn’t the case when PC owners of the game commented on the matter.

Apparently its a bug with the game, where Warriors Orochi 4’s Breast Physics would not work at 60fps. Since the game runs at 30fps on Switch and 60fps on PS4, this made sense. Several users tested this out on the PC version of the game, locking the game via V-Sync to 30fps and 60fps which led to the same result.

The bug extends to the Xbox One version of the game, which is similar to the PS4 version running at 30fps.

This is not the first time a multiplatform game has had issues with physics while running at higher FPS, Final Fantasy XV most notably had some similar issues with characters skipping steps when the game was released on PC. The console version for those not aware ran at 30fps while the PC version did not have its FPS locked.

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Warriors Orochi 4 is out now on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.

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