WarWest is a colorful Western x Steampunk themed RTS game for smartphones

Over the past few years, mobile games have really taken over the industry. They’ve managed to captivate casual gamers, while also capitalizing on the sales of in-game items. Unfortunately, mobile gaming has not progressed too much in past years. There are many games that are almost identical to one another. WarWest is yet to be released, but the game will attempt to revolutionize the industry for good. The game is currently accepting requests to join the Beta. So, what is going to set it apart from the competition?

Gorgeous Graphics and Unique Setting

First and foremost, WarWest will aim to provide gamers with unique graphics and environments. The game features hand-drawn graphics that will be sure to captivate the gamer. At the same time, gamers will be immersed in a unique setting that nicely combines the western and steampunk genres. This is much different from other games that generally stick with generic medieval-fantastic and science-fiction theme. The unique environment will definitely be enough to capture attention. The graphics are gorgeous and surpass the previous standards set by mobile video games.

Multiple Modes

WarWest will attempt to provide gamers with many unique experiences. For starters, players will be able to enjoy the game through various modes. Most mobile games of this genre only allow players to enjoy a single experience. The project team behind WarWest intends to offer multiple game modes, including solo, multiplayer, co-op and versus mode.

The game features a constantly evolving game engine to ensure that the experience is unique each and every time. The development team hopes that this will keep players coming back time and time again.

Massive Array of Units and Spells

Gamers will be given the opportunity to assemble a powerful team that will be able to defeat their opponents without any hiccups. They can choose between 60 unique units and spells. Each unit will have its very own designed specific skills and that is something that is completely unique to mobile games. Simultaneously, units will interact with one another in various ways, depending on the situation. There are many buffs and debuffs mechanisms too to ensure that the player’s team is ready for the combat scenario ahead of them. Players will then be able to join teams with others and compete together to climb the worldwide leaderboard.

More Comprehensive Multiplayer

Multiplayer real time strategy games are pretty limited on mobile platforms. Generally, players will only be able to square off against another player. WarWest aims to deliver a more comprehensive and versatile multiplayer experience. For instance, the system will soon allow players to group up to 10 players per game. When all is said and done, it might be possible to play with even more people. Either way, gamers from around the world will be able to enjoy the experience together on their favorite mobile device.

Multiple Modes

Aren’t you sick and tired of mobile games that only offer one or two play models? Over time, that tower defense game is going to become boring. This is why WarWest will attempt to provide players with a massive array of modes. The game will be packed with multiple game modes, including skirmish, factory, assault, siege, tower defense, blast and more. Never before has a mobile game provided players with this number of options. With WarWest, the possibilities will be endless and that will surely keep the game interesting for a very long time.

Grinding No More

Mobile games are fun for a little while. Then, the grinding becomes aggravating and players eventually look for a new adrenaline rush. Wouldn’t be nice to get rid of these infinite grinding loops and loot boxes mechanisms? WarWest aims to simplify it by removing grinding from the picture. This game will remove the frustration so that players can fully enjoy their units and have more fun out there on the field. The game will indeed contain in-app purposes, but the developers are very serious about providing players with a fun experience that they will not hate over a period of time.

Everything that is obtained in the game will be fully obtained once and for all.

Compose Your Party

Players will be happy to know that they’ll have immediate access to many units. Those units are going to share the same level. New players and veteran players will all share the same level. The key is to assemble the best team possible. Players can select 6 cards, which will represent spells and units. Combining the cards in the right way will be key to overcome the challenges of each game mode. The strategy really starts at the point when the player begins picking and choosing the right cards, experimenting their synergies and mastering the wide range of strategic options available.


WarWest brings in a very unique gaming platform, that will allow players to crossover from one device to another, so they can play with more of their friends, either on Android or iOS. More, developers recently announced that MAC and PC ports would be added in the near future.

Easily Configurable

Hardcore gamers want to be in full control at all times. Well, WarWest offers this and so much more. In fact, players can configure their game as they see fit, choosing from a wide variety of modes, settings and maps. This level of freedom will provide all player with a unique and exciting experience. Along the way, players will have plenty of opportunity to meet other players of different skill levels to make the game even more challenging.

Coming Together

At this point in time, WarWest is still in its infancy. The project was initiated in 2012 and it has been in development for more than 2 years. The young development team has worked diligently, and they want to provide players with something truly unique. Again, the game is currently in the Beta stage. Anyone who is interested in jumping on board should sign up on their website as soon as possible.

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