Watch 2.5 hours of Dark Souls 3 beta footage

The Dark Souls 3 beta is finally underway on the PS4, with the first network test session successfully concluding today. One of the beta participants has been kind enough to upload a lengthy gameplay video from his session on Youtube.

dark souls III 2

The 2.5 hour gameplay video from the Dark Souls 3 beta can be seen below.

[youtube width=”602″ height=”350″ video_id=”27EsyJuK3e4″]

Going by the video, it seems that the frame rate isn’t quite stable at this point. Though, going by past Souls releases on consoles, this is hardly surprising. It remains to be seen if developer From Software will be able to iron out this issue in time for the game’s release early next year.

Visually, Dark Souls 3 does appear to have a lot in common with From Software’s PS4 exclusive, Bloodborne. In terms of gameplay, though, his is undoubtedly a Souls game. Character movement and animations are akin to Dark Souls rather than Dark Souls 2, which should please all those who had issues with the clunkier movement in the latter.

The next network stress test is scheduled to take place tomorrow on Saturday, October 17 between 8 pm and 11 pm PDT. If you’ve participated in the Dark Souls 3 network stress test, share your impressions with us in the comments below.

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