Watch Dogs 2 DLC Delayed Due To Time Spent On Patch Development

Watch Dogs 2 players were getting ready to get their hands on the game’s upcoming DLC, however, earlier today, Ubisoft announced that the Watch Dogs 2 DLC is being delayed due to the time developers spent on the recent updates.

Prior to release, the Watch Dogs 2 multiplayer was disabled due to the developers releasing multiple updates for the game. This took up a lot more time than the developers expected, and this resulted in the DLC being delayed.

Watch Dogs 2 DLC

The Watch Dogs 2 DLC was set to come out next week, however, after the delay, the content will drop sometime later this month. Ubisoft stated that the recent updates were important to provide the seamless multiplayer experience they promised. They chose to make the game flawless, before introducing additional content for the game. Due to the resources they allocated for the development of these patches, Ubisoft had to change their schedule for the release of more content.

Before the release of the upcoming DLC, Ubisoft will be hosting a T-Bone Chaos event for Watch Dogs 2. The event kicks off on December 19th, and will be available for all Watch Dogs 2 players. The Chaos event will have themed challenges every week. Players who take part in the four week event will have the opportunity to earn in-game money and other event exclusive rewards like car skins or a new bag for their character.

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Watch Dogs 2 is developed and published by Ubisoft, and is available for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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