Watch Dogs 2 To Be Highly Optimized For AMD Graphics Card, Will Support DirectX 12

Watch Dogs 2 hasn’t been officially revealed yet but its release window has been hinted to be Fall 2016. During AMD’s Capsaicin event at this year’s GDC, Ubisoft took it to stage to reveal that Watch Dogs 2 will be a DirectX 12 release. Furthermore, this also confirmed an exclusive partnership with AMD which means that unlike the original, this game will be optimized for AMD graphics cards.

AMD’s Roy Taylor also confirmed the DirectX 12 and AMD support in his tweet.

This is quite a difference from the original Watch Dogs which was optimized specifically for Nvidia graphics cards. While Ubisoft hasn’t shared any details on the graphical enhancements and features to expect from the upcoming game, we might see the game getting announced at the upcoming E3 2016.

Watch Dogs is one of the best selling new IP from Ubisoft. It was released on the PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS4 and PC in 2014. It is an open world action adventure game featuring a hacker that can manipulate the environment by hacking into the system. On its surface, it was considered a simple GTA clone due to the nature of its open world and driving while giving it a unique twist by giving the player power over the environment.

Watch Dogs 2 was teased by Ubisoft in their quarterly results report which also confirmed that it might get a release this Fall. Assuming it holds true, we might see an announcement at E3 2016 followed by a release in Fall 2016.

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