Watch Dogs 2 Story Trailer Features the Return Of T-Bone

Developer Ubisoft Montreal has just released the latest story trailer for their upcoming open world hacking game, Watch Dogs 2.

The trailer not only shows off tidbits of gameplay, but also helps introduce some of the main members of the hacker group DedSec, namely Sitara Dhawan, Josh, Wrench and Horatio. But perhaps the most unexpected character to be featured in the trailer was Raymond “T-Bone” Kenney, a memorable personality and major character in the first Watch Dogs, as well as the protagonist of Watch Dogs: Bad Blood.

Some light was also shed on the main antagonist this time around, Dusan Nemic, CTO of the Blume Corporation and the person in charge of CTOS 2.0.


We also got a glimpse at some more of the weapons available to Marcus in the game, such as automatic pistols and grenade launchers. These weapons all sport custom DedSec paint jobs and, like all weapons in the game, are 3D printed by Marcus himself.

A trailer released back in August also delved deep into the the multiplayer aspects and modes of Watch Dogs 2, with the return of Online Invasions as well as new modes such as the Bounty Hunter Mode.

New Watch Dogs 2 Trailer Delves Into The Game's Multiplayer

Watch Dogs 2 is due for a release on 15th November 2016, and features new protagonist Marcus Holloway, a hacker who is involved with the hacking group DedSec. You can also check out a 20 minute demo for the game here.

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