Watch Dogs 3 Seemingly Confirmed By Ubisoft’s Personal Gaming Assistant

Watch Dogs is akin to the open world Grand Theft Auto game from Ubisoft just with hackers instead of thugs and gang members. It has received two games so far this generation and a new report points toward the third game in the series being in development. This won’t be a surprise since Ubisoft has been known for creating sequels to their most popular IPs and in the case of games like Watch Dogs and Assassin’s Creed, it won’t be surprising to get new games for them this year.

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Earlier this year, Ubisoft announced a personal gaming assistant AI for the Ubisoft Club. This AI who goes by the nickname Sam has now seemingly confirmed that Watch Dogs 3 is in development.

Watch Dogs 3 is not finished yet, but from the last early build I tried it’s very solid. The Dev team works wonders! Can’t wait for you to try it!

Considering this is an official AI and it was programmed by Ubisoft, there shouldn’t be any doubt about the authenticity of this news.

Watch Dogs was one of the most promising new IP from Ubisoft at the start of this generation but it suffered from ‘downgrade’ claims that turned out to be true. This controversy changed the way Ubisoft started to present their games at major events and so far, it hasn’t managed to return after the revamp by Ubisoft.

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