Watch Dogs Becomes The Biggest New IP Launch In The UK

Watch Dogs was the most hyped game last month and it seems to have clearly delivered on that hype. After breaking records with its pre-orders, it has also become the biggest new IP launch in the UK. This result should only mean good news for Ubisoft, and hopefully compels them to work fast on fixing the issues that a lot of users are currently experiencing with the game.

Watch Dogs was also the biggest ever launch for Ubisoft in UK, and it beat the previous record set by Assassin’s Creed 3 by more than 17 percent; despite being a new IP, and Assassin’s Creed being a sequel to a popular one. If we talk about best debut week for a game in the UK, Watch Dogs is the 17th biggest game launch of all time.

This was not the only sales success for this week as Nintendo’s Mario Kart 8 had the second best debut in the Mario Kart series. The fan favorite kart racing series also resulted in the Wii U hardware receiving a massive boost of about 666% in sales. Most of the sales were attributed to the Mario Kart 8 hardware bundle, which accounted for nearly 82% of Mario Kart 8 sales.

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