Watch Dogs Can Use Upto 3+ GB Of RAM On PS4/XBO; PC Issues Due To Lack Of VRAM

Watch Dogs graphics techincal director, Sebastien Viard has commented on the issues with Watch Dogs on PC. According to him, the game can use up to 3+ GB of RAM on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Since the PC lacks a unified memory like on consoles, it results in random stutter, especially at the Ultra quality settings even on high-end PC.

Many people are currently experiencing random sutters, even on a high-end PC. Sebastien Viard decided to clarify this issue on twitter and explained how to solve it.

Watch Dogs can use 3+ GB of RAM on NG consoles for graphics, your PC GPU needs enough VRAM for ultra options due to the lack of unified mem

If you experience lag/stutter on a fast PC, try to lower one of those settings to reduce the GPU VRAM usage: texture quality, AA, resolution

Making an open world run on NG & CG consoles + supporting PC is an incredibly complex task, the team did a fantastic job. Congrats guys! : D

If you have less than the required VRAM i.e the 3 GB requirement, then you can expect to see these random stutters. The way to solve this issue is to lower the texture quality, AA and resolution and see if this resolves the issue.

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