Watch Dogs Developer Talks Other Places Than Chicago For The Game’s Setting

The release of the highly anticipated Watch Dogs is around the corner. A slew of new information has come out since its announcement. The game is set in the city of Chicago where you play as the main protagonist, Aiden Pearce. The city is connect via a central network called the Central Operating System (CtOS) which runs and monitors all the city’s technology even key data on the residents.


Being a brilliant hacker and a former thug, he has faced a violent family tragedy and now seeks justice for those events.

As we all know, the city of Chicago plays a major role in the game’s storyline however the game’s Creative Director Jonathan Morin shared some insight on what other places gamers will encounter on their journey as the game progresses.

“There is a place called Pawnee, it was a fictional version of a small town USA in remote [area of] Illinois, close to Chicago, that’s pretty much it, ” Morin explained in an interview with Examiner. ” Then you have all of the districts of Chicago and some of the nature around it.”

“There’s this place that plays a pivotal role in the story, when you arrive there, things start to change certain people that are important to the story at that point in the game. It’s about halfway through the game [when that happens],” he concludes.


As mentioned above, the city of Chicago is divided into districts as a playground for its players. The game allows Pearce to hack each and every device connected to the ctOS thus manipulating almost everything at will. All this ties into the online multiplayer with one-on-one challenges, eight player free roam challenges, car races, decryption combat matches and more.

The game is scheduled to release on May 27th on the Ps4, Ps3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC worldwide. Wii U on the other hand has been pushed back to later this year.

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