Watch Dogs Digital Pre-Order Controversy On PS4 Causes A Huge Backlash For Ubisoft

Those who pre-ordered Watch Dogs digitally on the PS4 might have to face another frustrating situation. According to a huge thread on the official Ubisoft support forums, PS4 users, who pre-ordered the game digitally, weren’t able to access the game due to some licensing issue.

This issue resulted in a huge thread being made on the official support forums, full of people complaining about  their pre-orders. Some even went ahead and cancelled it demanding refund.

Ubisoft finally replied back to the complaints and according to them, the issue should be resolved in due time. Still, this brings back memories of MLB 14: The Show on the PS4, which was promoted as a Day-1 Digital title in the US PSN store but many weren’t able to download it before the official PSN Store update.

Ubisoft’s UK Forum Manager had the following to say regarding this issue.

We are working behind the scenes, so please do not feel ignored!

As you can guess – release day can be hectic on the forums – but we will attempt to update you asap – those with contact to support already, if you hear any news before we post, please do share!

Have you pre-ordered Watch Dogs digitally on the PS4? Did you face any such issue? Let us know in the comments below.

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