Watch Dogs Faces Launch Woes Due To Heavy Traffic, Sign-In Issues On PS4 And Xbox One

Watch Dogs has been officially released worldwide. It was the most pre-ordered new IP from Ubisoft according to Gamestop. Since it was a huge launch on a wide variety of platforms, it seems like a lot players are experiencing issues with connecting to the Uplay servers in the game.

Earlier, we reported about how many people were having issues with accessing their digital pre-order on PSN, now it seems like the game servers are experiencing heavy traffic. These issues are being reported all over the internet including the official support forums, reddit and more .

Ubisoft did confirm the issues faced by users and offered a comment on twitter regarding it.

We are experiencing issues with the authentication services. Players may experience long delays when trying to login in-game. More to come.

As it happens with most big game launches, the servers usually face a lot of traffic and as such, experience slowdown or downtime. This happened last year with Grand Theft Auto Online and it seems to be happening again this time with Watch Dogs. Keep in mind that Watch Dogs also has a seamless online multiplayer integrated into the game, just like in Dark Souls.


In either case, the game is not always online so we can still play offline. But playing multiplayer might be a bit tricky for now since the servers are under heavy load.

If you are having any isseus with Watch Dogs, our only advice is to remain patient. Hopefully these issues can be fixed soon.

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