Watch Dogs Leaked And Cracked Ahead Of Its Official Launch Date

What a week it has been for Ubisoft with their Sandbox styled game, Watch Dogs, grabbing the headlines for one reason or another. The game again makes the headlines but this time, Ubisoft won’t be too happy about it as the PC version of the game has been leaked online about 4 days before its officially released.

The game was reported to be available in some countries as the ‘street date’ was broken well in advance by some retailers but there was nothing to “confirm” it. After a couple of days, the “last-gen” version of the game started appearing online and now, the PC version has also been leaked online.

watch dog game

It should be noted that unlike consoles, the PC versions of games are not playable from a legit copy of the game (mainly due to the mandatory key required to ‘activate’ the game). Several modifications have to take place to bypass the protection put in by the developers and this process is called “Cracking” the game. Depending on the game, it can take a few minutes or even a couple of months in some cases! It seems that the protection Ubisoft used was not so tough to beat as the game was cracked today and the PC version was also leaked…… well, today.

The PC version download clocks in at almost 14GB (with the PS3 and Xbox 360 version being 14GB and 15GB respectively). The crackers are busy ironing out the bugs as we speak and despite a few hiccups at the start, the cracked game is now fully playable! Hence the PC and last-gen console versions of the game are all playable and available on different file sharing websites.

Watch_Dogs gameplay

We will keep you updated as more information is available. In the mean time, check out or coverage on the game such as the CPU usage during gameplay or its graphical settings.

NOTE: The information has been provided as news and neither GearNuke, nor it’s authors promote piracy!

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