Watch Dogs Multiplayer Details: Deathmatch, Free Roam

Watch Dogs is a highly anticipated Open-world game, upon announcement it created a great deal of hype in the gaming community. Previously, the game was delayed as developers wanted the game to be worth while. Overlooking the delay, gamers chose to wait. Well recently Ubisoft, the guys behind Watch Dogs, announced details on the multiplayer aspect of the game. Gamers rejoice upon hearing this news as the developers have a lot in store for us.

Team Deathmatch will support up to 8 players along with a Decryption Game mode; two teams compete to obtain data files. This is good news as it makes the game competitive to other Franchises.

Along with this, Single player experience and hacking powers can be transferred to multiplayer, this will allow players to wirelessly disable enemy electronics and explosives along with giving you the ability to manipulate automated suspension bridges.

Ubisoft also confirmed a Free Roam game feature along with a Tablet vs. Console game mode; one person controls a heli from the tablet and earns point by keeping the console player in view, the hack points earned can be spent on hacking and/or activating obstacles. This is a great implementation in the game as it allows a more immersive feel of the game and making it even more challenging. Along with that, the console player is challenged to complete a race course.


Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs is set in a futuristic time period, in the city of Chicago. The main Protagonist, Aiden Pearce is a brilliant hacker and a former thug. As the city is run by a central network of computers which connect everyone to everything, Aiden holds the ability to manipulate and bend to his will, anything that is under the system’s control.

Seeing this and the information trickling down the pipeline, we are indeed excited to get our hands on this highly awaited piece of art.

The Worldwide Watch Dogs release is dated for May 27, 2014 for the Ps4, Ps3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and the PC. Details on the Wii U version are reported to follow in Autumn 2014.

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