Watch Dogs NPC AI Can Be Incredibly Smart (Or Stupid) At Times [Animated GIFs]

When it comes to most open world games, it can be expected that the NPC AI tends to be stupid for the most part. However as is the case with Watch Dogs, the AI can either be incredibly smart, or incredibly dumb at times.

Watch Dogs is set in the city of Chicago. It being an open world game means that we are going to encounter tons of random NPCs in the game. Watch Dogs actually makes these encounters fun by giving us the ability to use the profiler to check the description of each of these NPCs. We can even hack their cell phones to hear their call conversation or read their messages. It makes the whole experience worthwhile for sure.

Check out how it can actually be smart, and avoid doing accidents.

You can also check out the dumbness of the AI here, as the woman fails to realize that her car is on fire and about to blow up (RIP).

Ofourse, there are also moments like these where we are just taking a stroll through the city and encounter an NPC actually doing something worthwhile, that makes their character appear lively.

In any case, we should give Ubisoft credit for creating an AI that is just fit for Watch Dogs. It is not the world’s best AI for sure, but as an open world game, it is not that bad. Creating a good AI is always hard, and we are still far away from having a perfect AI in a game.

Watch Dogs is now out on the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.

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