Watch Dogs Panoramic Screenshot Shows A Gorgeous Looking City At Night

Watch Dogs is going to be officially released in a couple of hours. Plenty of users have already got the game now and are playing through it before it is officially available worldwide. The game might not look as good as its 2012 E3 reveal but it is still a great looking cross generation game.

This Watch Dogs panoramic screenshot beautifully captures the essence of the city at night. Check it out below.

Watch Dogs is a brand new IP from Ubisoft, which is an open world adventure set in the city of Chicago. The players will take control of a Hacker name Aiden Pearce, who is out for revenge and won’t rest until it is taken. It was originally set to release at launch with the current generation consoles but was delayed to add more polish to the final game.

If you are playing Watch Dogs on the PC, you should check out these new drivers for Nvidia graphics cards, that are specifically optimized for Watch Dogs on the PC. You should also be aware of this potentially game breaking bug, which can ruin your progress forcing you to start the game from scratch.

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