Watch Dogs PC Drivers Out Now For Nvidia Users, Promises 75% Performance Boost

If you are a PC user and have pre-ordered Watch Dogs for it (or are already playing it), you should be glad to see these latest updated drivers from Nvidia, that are specifically optimized for Watch Dogs on PC.

Nvidia has finally released their latest drivers and this time, they are for Watch Dogs. As the game is officially going to release within the next few hours, users can now finally get their hands on the game legally. Previously, the only way to play it was to ‘pirate’ it or obtain a copy of the retail version, since the digital version didn’t unlock until the official release.

If you want to download these latest drivers, you can head over the official website of Nvidia here.

watch dogs

Along with these, Nvidia has also shared a handy “Watch Dogs Graphics, Performance & Tweaking Guide“, which details the performance of the game, and how we can optimize the game to run on our rig.

Are you getting Watch Dogs on PC? Have you had any issues with the game before this driver update? Let us know in the comments below.

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