Watch Dogs On PC: Full Graphics Settings Revealed; Requires 3 GB VRAM For Ultra Quality Textures

If you were wondering why Watch Dogs is running at equal to ‘High’ settings on the PS4 and Xbox One, these full graphics settings on PC might answer your question.

Watch Dogs is now apparently leaked for almost all the platforms including the PC. As the game is now playable on PC, we should be seeing more direct-feed screenshots of the PC version soon. In the meanwhile, we have got our hands on the full graphics settings menu for the PC version.

watch-dogs-pc-full-settings-2 watch-dogs-pc-full-settings-1

From these graphics settings, we can see that Ultra quality textures are quite costly on PC and require a lot of VRAM in order to run. These VRAM requirements are at the high-end for PC hardware and along with the confirmation of no support for Dual-Core CPUs and less than 6 GB of RAM, this game definitely warrant an upgrade for the PC users, if they want to play the game at the Ultra quality settings.

What do you think about these graphics settings for Watch Dogs on the PC? Do you think you can run it at Ultra quality? Let us know in the comments below.

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