Watch Dogs Pre-Load Now Available On EU PSN, Allows To Download Game Before Release

While it was officially confirmed earlier this week that pre-loading will officially begin with Destiny starting this September, it seems like this won’t be the case. As various users have confirmed, they can indeed download Watch Dogs before its official release date, but this is limited to EU PSN users only.

PS4 1.70 firmware update included the ability to pre-load games, but this wasn’t utilized properly until now. The digital pre-load of games like Watch Dogs is not available yet in US, but it seems like the EU folks can enjoy this pre-loading feature and download Watch Dogs before its official release.

watch-dogs-preload-1 watch-dogs-preload-2

The confirmation was posted at reddit and over at gaming forum NeoGAF. If you have digitally pre-ordered Watch Dogs on PS4 in EU, you can pre-load the game starting today and then just play it as it is unlocked on its release.

Watch Dogs is about 22.4 GB in size, as can be seen above. It is about the same size on the Xbox One. If you are interested to see how it looks on the previous generation consoles,  you can check out our comparison from here.

Have you pre-ordered Watch dogs on the PS4? Are you going to utilize this pre-load feature? Let us know in the comments below.

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